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Be more than your resume
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Resulio - Be more than a resume

Confidence in your interview

The rules for interviewing are outdated, so we are changing it. No more papers and binders. We have combined the best of technology with some useful tools to help you combine your resume and portfolio into one digital presentation. Press play, hand over your tablet and let the interview commence. Because you are more than a two-page resume.


Resulio - Be more than your resume
Resulio - Be more than a resume

Easy to use

Showcase your awesomeness in just a few clicks. Your tablet will be all you need. Interviewers can easily flip through your information at their pace so you can focus on what you will say next. Sign up is free. Complete a few simple slides to build your interview presentation. Don’t worry; there are tips on how to build the best presentation to help you make the best first impression.
Resulio - Be more than a resume

Awesome Design

Your experience, your words. We let you customize a complete interview presentation. Stand out from the crowd with a colorful digital representation of you. You are not limited to space or margins with Resulio. Your presentation grows as you grow. Not big on words? Use videos and photos. With its ease of use Resulio gives you a beautiful place to showcase your hard work, your way.

Features everything you will need

Upload your resume, bullet some accolades, record a video and share some pictures. The Resulio app has the features you need to fully showcase yourself. Upload pdfs, photos, and videos right into the app and let your experience do the talking. Artsy or numbers driven, Resulio provides all the features you will need to present your skills. Your resume and portfolio can easily live together, forever.

How it works

Properly preparing for an interview takes time, research, and thought. You get one chance to make a good first impression. However, composing your Resulio presentation is simple and straight forward. Not sure how to start? Update your resume, analyze the job description, and research the company. But don't worry, we give you tips on how to organize all your information and convince the recruiter you are the perfect candidate.

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Resulio - Be more than a resume

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